Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week - My Personal Favorites

This is just a quick little rundown of some of my favorite looks from Fashion Week - NYC

I have a definite style. I love the classic Dior "New Look" from 1947, which why I adore finding gorgeous vintage dresses when I can. Last year's Christian Dior Collection by John Galliano during Paris's Fashion Week has completely stuck with me. I have the images saved to my computer for reference.  Oh. I'm rambling about LAST year....

So. THIS year, I love Christian Siriano's lovely collection. It is indeed, reminiscent of his Project Runway Collection (for which he won Season 4!), and has a bit of Dior added, so of course I love it. I don't want Christian to fade into obscurity the way so many other "reality stars" do (whyyyyyy won't Jon Gosselin just dis-a-freaking-PPEAR??). Christian's hilarious personality and God-given talent need to be in the forefront. He's truly gifted. The bottom three looks above are his, but see what I mean about Christian's dresses looking rather like the Dior Collection below?

I COVET these two Christian Dior dresses....drooool.
Normally, I'm not the biggest Jean-Paul Gaultier fan, but I love this black  dress (the very first photo at the top.). The head-gear? Not so much.

Who are y'all loving this season?


Annette said...

Sorry - but the red one has the look of a used tampax about it. Eeeeeek!

Mel and Zulu said...

Oww i LOVE the first one!!

DivaJulia said...

Annette: Lada Gaga is the one who totally looked like a BADLY used tampon.