Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paltrow in Spain for the Adolfo Dominguez fashion show...cue my hair catching fire.

Someone better hold me back...
Imma smack a bitch.

With every new photo I see of Paltrow's condescending face, my fury grows deeper. I know I shouldn't let a stupid arrogant, pinched and holier than thou celebrity irritate me so much. I know already. But just look at that face. It's the image of so many irritants I've faced in my life and it seems Paltrow has become the bane of my existence. 

So here is Paltrow in Madrid (her "second homeland", as she so eloquently sniffed) at a fashion show for Adolfo Dominguez's latest collection. 

Goddamnit. Look at the pinch face! I wish I didn't have so much hairspray in my hair's more flammable than usual.


Anonymous said...

She's not even looking the right way...


DivaJulia said...

DHa - I know...she's too busy giving the entire room the snippy side-eye.

xoxo j