Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raise your hand if you love the F-Bomb on network TV!

Y'all better watch this while you can. I'm positive NBC will yank this video.

HAHAHAHA! There are a LOT of "too bads" (literal and sarcastic) about this craziness.

1.) Too bad this was Jenny Slate's first appearance on SNL...and she drops the F-bomb. Awesome. It was fucking hilarious. Look at her "OOPS!" face.

"Oh, shit."

 2.) Too bad Lorne Michaels probably reamed her a new one after the skit was over. Hey Lorne?? Your sinking ship is getting a lot of much needed press. Shut the EFF up, and leave Jenny alone.

3.) Too bad Kristin Wiig is such a pro that she didn't even flinch. That was awesome. And

4.)  Too bad this makes up for stupid Megan Fox's hosting.

It's called a win/win


jeanbean said...

Didn't even make it to this skit. It's sad, the show used to be a favorite, now I would rather sleep than watch.

Stuart said...

Eh, Charles Rocket did it first and he got immediately fired because of it. Who knows if Lorne Micheals will stay true to trends before. If I were her, I'd watch my mailbox for any pink slips...

Eh, who am I kidding? This is modern SNL. Beyond YouTube, nobody saw it happen. SNL is dead. It's too mainstream. It has no edge anymore. It was the king of the mountain before because it had actually funny and talented performers performing skits that people couldn't believe could get on television. Now, it's home to a collection of moderate to unfunny "actors" who are performing mostly unfunny scripts.