Friday, September 18, 2009

Marilyn Manson changes words of "Stinky Britches" to "Dirty Fishnets"

Isani Griffith and "boyfriend" Marilyn Manson

Listen here. If I'm gonna dry-heave my way through this crap, so the hell aer you. Just what the goddamnHELL is MM up to now? 

"Oh, ya know what would be hot, Isani? If I wore your dirty fishnets on my face all night...and then everyone would know what we were up to." What a GD dork. HOW old is he now?? Old enough to know that this kind of crap is BDSM 101, first effing homework assignment of the semester.

I think this fey little bottom needs a good, hard kick in the...ohnevermind. He'd pay me for it.

Oh dear. Did I reveal too much? 

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Mel and Zulu said...

MM scares me . . .brrrrrrr.. .he's so oddly strange hahahahha. . .i bet he'd be pretty happy with that discription too . . .lol. ..