Friday, September 18, 2009

Lindsay Lohan's "robbers" have been caught--but more importantly, WHAT the goddamnhell is she wearing?

Thigh highs, a jacket, a jaunty hat
and that stupid finger in her mouth a-bloody-GAIN.

Some little 18-year old a-hole named Nicholas Prugo was arrested today in connection with two robberies; one of the chicks from The Hills (I know which one, I just wanna give that her or that piece of crap show more publicity) and of course, our little girl Lindsay Lohan.

Remember, a few weeks ago, Lindsay arranged to have suffered the fear of having her home broken into and had clothing, jewelry stolen (that she was "borrowing" from a ritzy Beverly Hills jeweler), as well as legal documents and perhaps--fingers crossed--some home movies. 


"TMZ has learned the 18-year-old dude arrested for burglarizing Lindsay Lohan's home is no stranger to trouble -- Nicholas Prugo was arrested earlier this year on a cocaine charge.

Prugo was busted near L.A. back in February for possession of coke. This is his mug shot from that arrest. Prugo plead guilty and entered an 18-month drug diversion program.

Law enforcement sources tell us Prugo may have violated the terms of his diversion program for something unrelated to the burglary -- he's due back in court to deal with that in November.

Prugo was also arrested last month in Beverly Hills .. we're told it was for DUI."

But seriously, you guys. What is UP with Lindsay constantly having that stupid finger in her mouth?? I've posted like, 300 other shots like this. If she's trying to be all coy and Freudian, it's not working. She's just creeping me out.

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Tiffany said...

Looks like she's puttin' "IT" up for sale, to recoup the losses of that bad drug deal.