Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dress of the Day - Janet Jackson at amFAR Milano 2009


Janet has kept a fairly low profile since her brother, Michael's death. (Unlike a certain brother .**COUGHJermaineCOUGH**) But Janet worked it OUT in Milano (because I went to Italy, I can say Milano...heh.)

ANYhourglassfigure! Janet has never looked more luminous and elegant. The draping of this midnight blue Versace dress is perfect for her figure. Janet has opened up about her food issues:

via news.softpedia.com:

"Speaking of her weight, the singer recently opened up about her struggle to maintain her figure in check, saying that she often piled on the pounds because she was what they called a comfort eater. Feelings of isolation and abandonment made her insecure, which, in turn, pushed her to eat to feel better, Janet revealed in a recent magazine interview, as we also informed you. To help other women who may find themselves in such a situation, Janet is currently working on the release of a diet and self-esteem book.

“It was originally about weight loss. But I wanted it to be more about my triggers. I can be an emotional eater. Of late, I have been doing that, yes. It started when I was very little. My brothers were gone on tour a lot, and I would miss them so much. Certain things in my life would become triggers. I wish I’d had a book like this when I was that young. People forget that everyone has things going on. It’s still important to face reality, and not that I’m running, but sometimes you just need to get away for a second.” the singer recently said of the upcoming book. "

It would be nice if Janet spoke about any possible dysfunction within her family that may have driven her to becoming an emotional eater. I'm sure there are thousands of women of all ages who can relate to her situation on some level.

Women (and men) are all different. I never looked to food for comfort. I consider food a "reward" for being happy. If I'm not feeling happy, I don't eat. It's as though I don't deserve to eat. I may have mentioned this before. I wonder if anyone else understands how I rationalize that way of thinking.

Do any of you, my darlings, have stories you'd like to share?

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