Friday, September 25, 2009

Khloe Kardashian's Engagement Ring

Khloe's big-ass ring.

Let's all hope Khloe Kardashian made a stipulation in the pre-nup (IS there one?) to keep the ring, knowm'sayin'?

I'll bet Kourtney is pissed at Khloe for stealing her thunder and tabloid covers, and I'll be KIM is pissed that she won't be the first Kardashian chick to get married.

I smell another family girl fight! 


jeanbean said...

Big Ass Ring for a big ass girl! How could anyone doubt that it will last forever when they've dated a WHOLE month!If her ring is that big now, what is he going to give her when he is caught cheating?!!!

Annette said...

Isn't Kim already divorced? I think i'm right.

jeanbean said...

Annette, you are right but that was before they were famous so it doesn't count...right?!!

Anonymous said...

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