Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tom Ford is one hot piece of ass. (Nice title...jaayzus.)

THE best-dressed man in America--
dare I say, the world??

My blog is turning out to be extremely queer today (even more than usual!), and I think the name Dipped in Cream is sounding extra porn-y, too! Goodness, DiC (pun intended because I'm a dork), is on faahhr today.
Tom Ford makes me swoon. Not only that, he makes my husband swoon. You know the, "if you had to turn gay for someone, who would it be?" game? Yep. He'd give it up for Tom Ford. Don't tell him I told you. It's a secret.

I adore everything about Tom Ford. He's smart, gorgeous and designs The. Most. Exquisite. Menswear. If you'll recall, Daniel Craig wore ALL Tom Ford in Quantum of Solace and Brad Pitt always wears Tom's formal wear on the red carpet.

Some of you know I used to be a Menswear Wardrobe Consultant (snotty way of saying "sales-chick") at Nordstrom, so that explains why I'm such a mens clothing ho. 

Tom Fordmmmmmmmmm. (Again, in Homer's voice. But it was my husband saying it this time.)

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Mel and Zulu said...

Hahahahaha Julia. . .i TOLD you DIC was porny!!!