Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Clean and Sober Edition

This item is a little unusual. Much like the Andy Dick item from earlier in the year, this is about someone who seems to be succeeding in rehab. As much attention as I focus on people who need it or don't succeed in rehab, I think it is good to focus on the people who are sorting their lives out. D lister for sure, but was on Celebrity Rehab. Singer.

Anyway, she was spotted at the Torrid fashion show last week and was being offered wine by someone who obviously didn't know better or just didn't care. In fact she was offered wine more than once by several people including waiters. She turned them down everytime and even walked away when she needed to gather herself. All the while she kept drinking sugar-free Red Bull. 

Oh, and the guy she was with (maybe her husband?) seemed like a tool. He kept leaving her to make and take phone calls.

via CDaN:

I'm gonna come right out with this one. I think it's former America Idol contestant Nikki McKibbin. It would be nice if she actually started working. Her "Inconsolible" song performed on Celebrity Rehab/Sober House was good. She has great pipes and shouldn't have to go back to stripping or doing karaoke. 

Good for YOU, Nikki.

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