Sunday, September 27, 2009

Roman Polanski FINALLY arrested...can you even BELIEVE it?

Quit your smiling.

Maybe there is justice after all. Maybe it's karma? Maybe Mackenzie Phillips is smiling right now, too.

via The Guardian UK:

"The director had travelled to Switzerland to accept a lifetime achievement award at the Zurich film festival, the organisers of which expressed "great consternation and shock" at his detention.

The 76-year-old director of Rosemary's Baby and Chinatown pleaded guilty to the assault at the time but jumped bail and fled the US the following year to avoid a lengthy jail sentence. For more than three decades he has lived in exile in Paris, refusing to return to the US even when he won an Oscar in 2002 for The Pianist.

Zurich police said he was detained at immigration in Zurich on Saturday night at the request of the US justice department and was in custody awaiting extradition.

"I confirm that Mr Polanski has been arrested. The American authorities issued an international search request in 2005 in relation to a 1978 warrant," said Guido Balmer of the Swiss justice ministry. "There was a valid arrest request and we knew when he was coming. That's why he was taken into custody." The US will now need to make a formal extradition request, however, and Polanski is likely to challenge his detention in the Swiss courts."

There's your Lifetime Achievement Award, you disgusting piece of shit.


jeanbean said...

It still amazes me that he has been able to continue to work for three decades and be so admired by the industry. Hopefully he can now spend the rest of his days in prison. I agree with you... the P.O.S.!

abbee lee said...

Yes, Roman did admit he had sex with the 13 year old girl; however, he was not charged with rape. … what he did was wrong, even if it was long ago, he still was made responsible for this…

Stuart said...

Though initially charged with rape, he plead out unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor (Is there lawful sexual intercourse with a minor? I think not). It'll be interesting to see what happens next. As it seems, he's still, pretty much, followed the terms is plea agreement. The agreement allowed him to leave the country and he went to France, where he has citizenship. His sentence was only a 90 day psychiatric evaluation, in which they released him after 42. It doesn't seem like he used many loopholes and France just didn't want to extradite him. If anything, unless there's a bunch of legal stuff that the state will probably want to tag on, they'll probably just make him complete his sentence of 90 days. That's my armchair lawyering.