Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taylor Swift discusses Kanye (aka The Asshole) on The View

Yeah, you heard right. Kanye has not reached out to Taylor herself...only to his retarded BLOG and Jay Leno....UNTIL after Taylor stated that fact. THEN he called her. 
via The Huffington Post:

"Representatives from "The View" say West called Swift after her appearance on Tuesday's show. During the broadcast, the 19-year-old singing sensation said West had yet to contact her to apologize for hijacking her MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech on Sunday.

The incident caused an uproar and led West to give an emotional apology on Monday's premiere of "The Jay Leno Show."

"The View" says Swift has accepted the apology."

That dumbshit. Oh, and I love how Taylor's mom went after his ass at the VMAs right after Kanye stomped on her winning moment.

via People Magazine:

"Minutes after Kanye West stormed the stage as she accepted her Video Music Award, a teary-eyed Taylor Swift pulled herself together to perform her award-winning song, "You Belong With Me," atop a cab parked in front of Radio City Music Hall.

But West only continued the drama by angering the entire Swift family. After Swift's mother, Andrea, asked to speak to the rapper and, a source tells PEOPLE, "tore into him," the rapper continued to maintain that Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" should have won Best Female Video instead and made no formal apology."

How many other Mama Bears out there would have kicked his ever-lovin' ass after disrespecting her baby? The rage I feel toward this mofo is just crazy. 


Fru-Fru said...

wait o' minute. bigger question here. what is KATE doing on there. I must have been out of the loop the past few days... huh??!

DivaJulia said...

Fru-Fru--She's one of the subs while Elisabitch is on maternity leave. Ugh.

Give me Victoria Beckham ANY day. I love her.

xoxo j