Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Who Does Depression Hurt Edition

"This celebrity is struggling with some serious depression/anxiety. Because of religious beliefs, we're told the issue isn't being treated seriously by family members.

To make matters worse, the ‘treatments' that the star has been offered to improve the situation, have only worsened the problem. If these stories are true, we only hope the celeb can get the help they need, including support from their loved ones. Not Jen Garner."

via [BuzzFoto]

Obviously this reaks of Scientology, don't you think? Sadly, I think it's either Katie Holmes or even worse Kelly Preston, who's in the Bahamas with her husband John Travolta testifying in the extortion case regarding the death of their son, Jett.

The fact that John and Kelly have testified that Jett was indeed autistic is pretty huge, given the fact that Scientology does not recognize this or any other mental health issue (i.e. depression), and as such, won't allow treatment in the form of pysch drugs. There are plenty of interesting websites that give detailed accounts of what the Scientology "treatments" could be.

I hope, whoever this unfortunate woman is gets help before it's too late.

Having said this about Kelly, Katie has look really miserable for ages.



Tiffany said...

Nothing like living in hell, and being forced to be ashamed of it. That's beyond insult to injury. I think it's Katie myself. Poor girl.

busybee said...

Hmmm it doesn't say it's a woman, does it? I'm thinking it's John Travolta.