Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pinchy McLemonhead won't gain weight for "Bridget Jones" again.

Pinchface Renee Zellweger
with a fine ass vs. no ass

Don't count on Pinchface Zellweger to gain one ounce for the next film installment of Bridget Jones. Lemonhead Renee is saying NO to ever  eating again:

via ONTD:

"...instead of embarking on a high fat diet as she did for the 2001 and 2004 pictures, will turn to the wardrobe department to make her appear larger.

A source tells Britain's Reveal magazine, "Renee will be wearing a fat suit in the third film as it took her a while to lose the weight last time. She's also thinking about the effect quickly putting on and then losing 30 pounds has on her body.SURE she is.

Oh I see. Pinchy feels that by not eating, continuing date closet cases (that country dude she married and had the marriage annulled for, well--you know why, as well as the actor she's "dating" now) maybe, just maybeee someone, anyone will love her. Jesus H. I think she and Aniston should just get together and be done with it. Then have babies. I might even like the two of those bitches then.

That was harsh. But I don't feel well enough today to pull any goddamn punches where stupid anorexic actresses are concerned.


Mel and Zulu said...

Gotta say i LOVE the BJ films. . .a fat suit hmmmm, dont that kinda defeat the object of it all since shes supposed to be a chubby singleton. . .and i would have thought the reward of a few million would be incentive enough to gain a few pounds. . .hell i would!!!!!!

Actually being the slice of ham in a Colin Firth and Hugh Grant sandwich would have been enough. . . .. !. . lol. . .

Annette said...

I'll put on 50lbs if anyone's offering me a few million $$$$$$$ to do it. Stupid woman! And however thin she is her cheeks are still fat.