Monday, September 14, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Moonface Edition!

"Although this actress has always been in good shape, her face was always a little too round for her liking. You may notice that her face looks a little different now, but it's not because she lost any weight. She had some fat sucked out of the hollows of her cheeks, and something else – perhaps Restylane – injected into the high part of the cheek. Compared to the plastic work done on other actresses, this is definitely more on the subtle side. Her face now looks a little longer and leaner, but not in a bad way."

via [Blind Gossip]

Drew Barrymore has been looking a little different, not bad...just different?

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Annette said...

I thought Drew Barrymore straight away! Her face is kind of flat looking (i think mine's the same) and have the moonface complex. Yep - i think it's her.