Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today's Guest Review - ABC's "Modern Family"

I LOVE Guest Review day! "The Boys", have given us a review of a new and hilarious show called Modern Family. I caught the repeat of the premiere last night (the show usually airs on Wednesday at 9/8c) and seriously laughed out loud throughout the entire show. I'm known as a "tough room" for me to laugh that hard and frequently is rare.  

And now...Today's Guest Review !

Cameron and Lily
"Modern Family"
Premiere episode
ABC 9pm 9/23/09

Ok. So the previews looked funny but I'm always sure the scenes shown are the only funny one from the whole show cut-and-pasted to draw me in... so not true here. I honestly had to look away from the screen three times, not from cringing, but because i was going to wet myself from hysterical laughter. I won't bore you with the set up (I've followed thew review with a sitcom story set-up from a reliable source. I'll just give you the reasons to watch this show so you too can double over cross your legs and squeal (I know... sounds like a normal Friday night at my house too).

The "gay" couple return from Vietnam where they adopted a baby girl. they present her (in true diva fashion) to the family: bro in-law asks what they named her and after being told "Lily" asks "Won't that be hard for her to pronounce"? Grandpa comes around and pipes in "Bring that little potsticker here! She's one of the family now".

Cool dad and mom have a rule about the air-soft gun dad bought the boy... "If he shoots his sister, he gets shot". Of course he shoots his sister. The ensuing argument about the scheduling of dad shooting the kid ends with mom writing on the calendar for 4:15. Kid laments " Daaaad!" Dad responds "Nothing I can do son. It's on the calendar now". Dad proves unable, when confronted with the act of shooting his son with an air-soft gun, to finish the task. While processing the guilt, he is able to accidently shoot his son and the teenage boyfriend visiting his daughter.

Too many more to mention. You should need no other review than: my sister calling me as the show ended and saying "Oh my god! That is so our family". Trust me, that is the highest of praise.

"The premiere introduces viewers to three families. Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen play the traditional mom and dad. Burrell takes the role of TV clueless dad up a notch by deluding himself into thinking he is hip and cool. Bowen portrays the mom as a former wild child who now worries her kids will follow her former rebellious path. Their three kids -- a high school cutie, a precocious daughter and a klutzy son, all familiar TV types -- turn everyday parenting challenges into comedic gold.

The second family, a gay couple played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, become adoptive parents in the opener. Ferguson's comedy skills were apparent on CBS' "The Class," then obscured in Fox's "Do Not Disturb." Here, and especially opposite Stonestreet, Ferguson realizes his potential.

The third family is a May-December combination played by Ed O'Neill and Sofia Vergara. O'Neill's Al Bundy is one of TV's most unforgettable characters, but this role will let viewers see him in a new light. At the same time, Vergara's character confirms that the former calendar-pinup girl can be a formidable comedy actress, something her previous series suggested but didn't conclusively demonstrate. In this show, she has a stocky young son from a previous marriage."

excerpt from:

Bravo, Boys...bravo!!


Mastray said...

I loved this show! Set it to my DVR!

jeanbean said...

Love this show. It has been so long since a show has made me laugh out loud. Great cast and I hope the writers can keep it up!