Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye the Asshole Half-Asses an Apology to Taylor Swift, Then Removes It.

I really have been trying to clean up my dirty mouth the past couple of months. Quite noble of me, yes? Well. That all went down the toilet last night after witnessing the biggest fucking asshole the recording industry has ever seen.
We've all seen the footage (shown below) of that little bitch Kanye West steal a wonderful moment of winning an MTV Video Music Award from Taylor Swift. (My hair is still on fire, by the way, and it smells awful.)
Here's The Asshole's half-ass apology on his CAPS LOCK BLOG. He apparently has since taken it down.
I'd love to hear your feelings on this piece of shit. I think you already know mine.


Karen said...

I think West is the biggest D-bag piece of shit walking! That was the biggest dickhead move I think i have ever seen. Hats off to Beyonce. I'm not a big fan of her or Taylor but they were both very classy. If I was Taylor Swift, I would have dropkicked him right on the stage!

DivaJulia said...

Karen...exactly. Both women were polite and so gracious. Can you imagine if say, John Mayer had stomped onstage if Beyonce` had won over Taylor??

I love all the stuff Pink said about him on The Today Show this morning: "He's an idiot, a waste and a toolbox." LOVE HER. She also went on to say Kanye "never would have done that if SHE had been the one who had won". He's a pussy.

Thanks for commenting! Don't be a stranger!! xoxo ~j

Karen said...

I didn't see what Pink said but OHHHH I LOVE HER TOO!!!! I would have loved to see him stomp out and do that to Pink. She would have knocked him the F@CK out!!

Anonymous said...

i never was a big beyonce fan either but i am now. total class! can't stop singing "put a ring on it". props to taylor for keeping her cool in such a f-ed up surreal situation. although i would have paid money to see her bitch slap him.

the boys

Jilly said...

I didn't see it, but heard about it ad nauseum from my boss this morning. What a fucking asshole douche. I agree with Karen here...Taylor should have bitch-slapped that loser...but she has much more class than that!!