Friday, September 25, 2009

Pamela Anderson? The REAL Origin of The Swine Flu on Parade in New Zealand


OhdearLord. Why does Pamela Anderson feel the need to show us her raggedy bits and pieces...STILL? Here is Old Girl in New Zealand for their version of Fashion Week. (How awesome can it be if this old biddy is the best they have to offer?) Apparently, Pammy's working with some weird-ass "designer" named Richie Rich (who literally fell down on roller skates while following her down the runway).

Here's the thing. Pam has two young boys. And by that I mean CHILDREN OF HER OWN, not two dumb models tryna get ahead. Those two kids had better have standing reservations at every single rehab facility on the west coast. 

Pamela Anderson needs to STOP this -- NOW. 


Annette said...

She's a bit of a mess but i like her! I think she's funny. And my bum wasn't even as firm as hers when i was 16.

DivaJulia said...

Oh Jaaazus, Annette. "A BIT of a mess"??? She's one hot, stinky mess.

xoxo j