Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009 Emmy Winners, Losers and Borers ...

The darling and hilarious
Neil Patrick Harris, host of the 2009 Emmy Awards

The biggest winner of the evening was Neil Patrick Harris, the hilarious and talented host of the 2009 Emmy Awards. He was seriously laugh-out-loud funny. Can ever awards show please have NPH as the host? I promise, we would never grow weary of that darling man.

Okay. "30 Rock", "30 Rock" and "30 Rock". Honk shoo. I'm OFFICIALLY starting the backlash of that show here and now. I know, Tina Fey was great on SNL. I just don't love her on "30 Rock". I don't expect one single person to agree with me, and I'm not going to try to convince y'all, either. I'm just sayin'...and I'm sayin' it FIRST.

Justin Timberlake won an Emmy for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy for SNL, and deservedly so. Lorne Michaels needs to hire his fine and funny ass for at least a season. Know'msayin'?

Justin Timberlake

Here's the short-list of Emmy winners:

  • Outstanding Comedy Series: “30 Rock”, NBC
  • Outstanding Drama Series: “Mad Men”, AMC
  • Reality-Competition Program: “The Amazing Race,” CBS
  • Actor, Comedy Series: Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock,” NBC
  • Actress, Comedy Series: Toni Collette, “United States of Tara,” Showtime
  • Supporting Actor, Drama Series: Michael Emerson, “Lost,” ABC
  • Supporting Actress, Drama Series: Cherry Jones, “24,” Fox
  • Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Jon Cryer, “Two and a Half Men,” CBS
  • Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Kristin Chenoweth, “Pushing Daisies,” ABC
For a full list of the 2009 Emmy winners, please check out the official Emmy website here.

Olivia Wilde from "House" 

Chandra Wilson from "Gray's Anatomy"

"Project Runway's" Heidi Klum 
VERY pregnant andvery lovely

The hilarious Ricky Gervais

Jessica Lange, for "Grey Gardens"

Alec Baldwin, Best Actor in a Comedy winner,
thanking Lorne Michaels

My personal favorite, Julia Louis Dreyfus
(who should have won Best Actress in a Comedy--hmmph)
and Amy Poehler

Aside from Neil Patrick Harris, the show itself was pretty darn dull. Did you guys watch? Favorite dresses? Suit? Winners? Losers?



Madd Hadder said...

Emmy show is now dull beyond endurance and not just because Drew Barrymore and Kevin Bacon unfairly lost in their respective categories.


rachel said...

Guess what????!! i cant STAND 30 rock either.. i also dont like parks and recreation either... mmmhhmm thats right i said it!!!!! everytime i see the commercials on tv for the new seasons i throw up in my mouth a little....

Jeanbean said...

Don't like 30 Rock either but like Tina. Didn't watch the show but am wondering... when did Jessica Lange become a man?

DivaJulia said...

JeanBean--I sprayed my cup of tea on my laptop on the "when did Jessica Lange become a man?" comment. Effing hilarious...and spot ON.

Welcome to Dipped in Cream--and keep making me spray my's okay.

MH and Rachel: WORD, sisters.

xoxo j

Amy said...

I think he did a great job as a host.