Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh dear. The nun's didn't enjoy Lada Gaga's MTV VMA performance. Whaaaa?

Lady Gaga performing "Paparazzi" 
at the VMAs last weekend

No. I simply cannot believe that Catholic nuns didn't quite care for Lady Gaga's performance piece (which is what it was, in every sense) on Sunday night's MTV VMAs. (Eyeroll.)


"Finally somebody takes attitude against Lady Gaga’s behavior! Her own fans were freaked out by her bloody appearance at MTV Music Video Awards while singing her ‘Paparazzi’ hit. Note that Gaga’s fans are mostly teens, (I think most of her fans are the gays and they GOT it!!) so imagine what this new deadly-sexy singer teaches the little ones. Beside them, Gaga’s former teachers were shocked!

If you didn’t know, Lady Gaga (on her real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) was matriculated for several years, guess where…in New York, at the Convent of the Sacred Heart girls school, New York Post reports. So she was preparing to be a nun!!!

“When someone showed the nuns a video of her bloody performance at the VMA Awards, the good sisters were not amused”, the report added."

Ummm...whose bright idea was it to show this to the nuns in the first place? What they don't know about their former student won't hurt them, I always say. (Actually, I don't always say that.)

My point is: It was a METAPHOR, people!! Well, kind of a literal metaphor, if you will. Stars have a love/hate relationship with the paparazzi and Lady Gaga's performance, I felt, was brilliant. It was kind of, "yeah, chase me, wound me, leave me alone, chase me, oh dear, you killed me" sort of statement. You can't tell me Lindsay Lohan doesn't love every. Goddamned. Second. of her time with the paps--we all know she even tips them off as to her whereabouts. It's almost as though she's got a deep-seated deathwish so that she will become iconic like her tragic idol Marilyn or Michael Jackson. (I got my Psych Degree from Sears, fyi.)

Then we do have the Princess Diana side of things, don't we? She, too, manipulated the European press and paps, but they (and a drunk chauffer) killed her in the end.

The performance certainly required discussion between kids or teens and their parents--but the nuns most definitely didn't need to watch it, forPITYsake.


busybee said...

I loved loved loved her performance!

DivaJulia said...

BB: Me, too--and I'm not a real fan of hers. Maybe I am now?

xoxo j

Mel and Zulu said...

Lady Gaga is crazeeeeeee.. .i love it. . .lol. . . A nun huh. . .well i cant quite picture her running through the Austrian alps singing the hill are alive. . .hahahah . . .although maybe the nuns would have prefered it im thinking!!