Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh, Alanis Morrisette. Why?

If that's a toilet, I'm gonna be pissed off.
Wait. I already am.

In my best Nancy Kerrigan whine, WHYYYYYY? Is this what it's come to? Again?

Back in the day, Alanis Morissette never pandered to her audience by dressing like a poptart. But now, all of a sudden, she's hit 35 and feels the need to pull a Madonna on us with the typical hooker boots and open legs photos. Yeah. Awesome. 

I've always just sort of liked Alanis, but I loved Hands Clean, which is another song allegedly about the dude from Full House. They had a relationship while Alanis was 14 and he was 29. They were both living in Canada, where this would be a criii-immme (as she sings in Hands Clean.)

Well, gee. Now I feel guilty for liking this song. It does prove what an asshole Uncle Joey is, just like in You Oughta Know, every chick's favorite "angry song".

Maybe Alanis really does feel like all she's worth is her "outside". Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Alanis, why? Your potty meets playboy picture cheapens your original message of female empowerment. It makes me jealous because I will never look that good in boots like those, much as I'd like to achieve that so I too can wear the tiara for bringing back the female gender to the dark ages. I'm inspired to go be barefoot and pregnant and wait, watch soap operas with rollers in my hair while munching carelessly on some Cheetos. Probably not. Ugh, put some clothes on and get off the toilet.