Saturday, September 26, 2009

David Bowie to release live 2-cd set January 26, 2010

"Cactus" by David Bowie

Sitting here wishing on a cement floor
Just wishing that I had just something you wore
So bloody your hands on a cactus tree
Wipe it on your dress and send it to me

Yeah, I know. It's ghoulish. But there's something about those lyrics (written by Black Francis of the Pixies) that I find, well...romantic. I've been on a bit of a David Bowie bender of late. Watching The Hunger and his Storytellers on VH1 has brought back some great memories of seeing Mr. Bowie twice in concert.

I tell ya 60 years of age, I still find him incredibly attractive. The way he moves, sounds and looks...come ON.  I think maybe he really is a vampire. (I wish!)

via ONTD, Bowie's "A Reality Tour" was

"Recorded in Dublin, live versions span his entire career to-date, from "The Man Who Sold the World" (1971), "Changes" (1972), "Ziggy Stardust" (1972), "All the Young Dudes" (1972), "Rebel Rebel" (1974), "Fame" (1975)," "Heroes" (1977), "Ashes To Ashes" (1980), "Under Pressure" (1981), "I’m Afraid Of Americans" (1997), up through 10 songs from Heathen (2002) and Reality (2003) albums.

The lion’s share of songs that Bowie performed on A REALITY TOUR (and chose for release) were drawn from his two most recent albums at the time, 2002’s Heathen ( "Cactus" [written by Black Francis of the Pixies], "Sunday," "Slip Away," "Afraid," and "Heathen [The Rays]"), and 2003’s REALITY ("New Killer Star," "Reality," "The Loneliest Guy," "Never Get Old," and "Bring Me the Disco King," "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon").

In addition to Bowie, musicians on A REALITY TOUR include Gerry Leonard (band leader/guitar/vocals), Sterling Campbell (drums/vocals), Earl Slick (guitar), Gail Ann Dorsey (bass guitar/vocals), Catherine Russell (keyboards/vocals/percussion/guitar), and Mike Garson (keyboards). "

Speaking of Gail Ann Dorsey...I saw her perform with Bowie. Her vocal prowess on Under Pressure was breathtaking. (She sang Freddie Mercury's parts.) I love her look, her bald head and her voice is spectacular.

My favorite David Bowie album is Young Americans, and Fascination (written by Bowie and Luther Vandross) is, I think, my favorite song. That entire album hasn't aged one day since it was released in 1974.

Check this video out, from the old Dick Cavett Show. If you'll notice, the late, great Luther Vandross is singing backup. Awesome find, if I do say so.


I'm certainly taking the stroll down memory lane lately. Oh well...Bowie. Is. TIMELESS.


Anonymous said...

my fav bowie lyric from "queen bitch"

She's an old-time ambassador
Of sweet talking, night walking games
And she's known in the darkest clubs
For pushing ahead of the dames
If she says she can do it
Then she can do it,
she don't make false claims
But she's a Queen,
and such are queens

DivaJulia said...

LOVE it!!

xoxo j