Friday, September 18, 2009

Today's Guest Review - KINGS OF LEON!

YAY! Another Dipped in Cream reader has submitted a concert review! This is from Brad in Ontario, Canada, who was fortunate enough to see KINGS OF LEON!!
"You told me to write you a review to d.i.c. about the kings of leon concert tonight so here it goes.

Kings Of Leon, Kings Of Stage

I was starting to have my doubts about the Kings Of Leon concert after Glas Vegas sucked the life out of everybody. Part of me thought 'hey, maybe K.O.L. sucks live but brought a worse band as an opening act so that they look less terrible by comparison'. Wrong on both accounts.
Kings Of Leon put on arguably one of the best stadium shows of any modern band. Lighting was superb, the stage was appeasing to the eye and the many video screens that towered above the stage had a pleasant mix of artistic images and stage shots of the Kings playing. They opened their set with Closer which sounded almost identical to their album version. 
I have to give K.O.L's A/V team the solid credit they deserve, they looked fantastic and sounded even better. The drums were thumping beats into your head without masking out the bass, guitar and most importantly, the vocals. Prior to singing 'Sex On Fire', the lead signer told the crowd he was slightly hungover and wanted help singing this next song. Being one of their biggest hits, everybody knew the lyrics and during the chorus you could not hear the vocals from the stage over the sound of the crowds vocals. 
From start to finish the crowd (including those in the nosebleeds) were on their feet, people were dancing in the aisles and everybody was having a good time. They finished their set off with an impeccable version of Use Somebody, another ultra hit.

All in all, Kings Of Leon is definitely a band to see live. But, if Glas Vegas is opening, skip traffic and show up late, you're not missing much."
Ahhh, Brad. Awesome!! Thank you!!
Again you guys, I LOVE posting your concert reviews! If you see a show and want to be Dipped in Cream's Guest Reviewer, contact me! 


Mel and Zulu said...

Yayyy Brad!! x x

Julia. . .i still think your blog is on fireeeeeee!!!!

Jilly said...

Oh man, Brad; I am so jealous!! Did you take that pic yourself? You must've had great seats. Your review is on fiiiiiiiiire!!!

DivaJulia said...

Awww...Mel! I love you!!

and Jilly, I supplied the pic.

xoxo j