Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today's Blind Item - "Cherry Chapstick" Edition

"Actress 1, an Emmy nominee/winner, is married to a man. We"ve never thought that the marriage was fake, or that Actress 1 was anything other than straight. That's why it was rather puzzling as to why she was in the bathroom at the awards show with her arms around Actress 2.

Actress 2 was not nominated for anything at the Emmy's, is not married, and has dated some high-profile men. But there was something odd about Actress 1's behavior. It looked as if Actress 2 was upset about something, and Actress 1 was trying to comfort her. Actress 1 kept hugging Actress 2 and stroking her hair and rubbing her back and pulling her closer. Then she would whisper something in her ear, and kiss her on her cheek, her forehead… and her lips.

It was a little too close for comfort. Who kisses their friend on the lips."

via Defamer and [Blind Gossip]

I have no reason to have Drew Barrymore's name pop into my head, but it did. Ideas??

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