Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cameron Douglas is just another spoiled, bored Hollywood brat

Awesome choice of professions, dude.
Michael, Kirk and Cameron Douglas.
"Everyone smile and pretend we're not
all screwed up! CHEEESE!"

Let the pity party begin, ya'll.

Here we have another cliche`--and in turn, a litany of "excuses" for his chosen profession: Cameron Douglas, the child (now 30!) of Hollywood "royalty"--with a reported $88 million Trust Fund, a product of too much too soon, a father who was never "there" for him, his parents divorced, his dad claimed sex addiction was the reason he cheated on his mom, too much to live up to compared to his lineage (in this case, Kirk Douglas is his grandfather and Michael Douglas is Daddy), BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Oh, shut UP, you delusional, arrogant little prick.

Jesus H. I'm so sick of these over indulged, totally privileged little bitches who think they are living a movie role by becoming a "badass drug dealer". Dude? You are NOT in your dad's movie, "Traffic", but hopefully, you'll see the inside of a real-life prison.

Oh, and lest we forget, this 30 year old idiot was evicted from his rented Laurel Canyon earlier this year. Take a look at what was found in that residence, while he ran off like a scared 7th grader when the cops showed up:

"....Cameron Douglas has been given the boot from his leased home in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon. Classic signs of drug use were discovered in the home vacated by Cameron and his roommate, including glassine envelopes and home drug-testing kits, spoons used to heat a substance over the stove and filthy syringes and mirrors covered in white powder.

"A lot of drug activity must have been going on in there," says landlord Sky Reiss tells Star in an exclusive interview. Cam -- who at 30 has been in an out of rehab and has multiple arrests for cocaine possession, among things -- moved in last March. When he stopped making rent payments, his famous father picked up the $4,200-a-month tab for "a couple of months," says Reiss.

"But then his payments stopped too." So earlier this month an L.A. Sheriff arrived with an eviction notice. "Cameron and his roommate ran out the back door, leaving Cam's girlfriend behind to deal with it," says Reiss. And Reiss was left to deal with the "disgusting mess."

And now, here's an account of Cameron's latest little problem with the "dirty bathtub gin" this week:

via TMZ:

"The DEA claims Michael Douglas' son Cameron is a big time crystal meth dealer -- one who moved "pounds" of the drug since 2006.

According to his federal indictment filed in New York, DEA agents claim they ran a 3-year investigation, proving the 30-year-old actor sold "multiple pounds" of crystal meth to several people -- many of whom are now cooperating in the prosecution of Douglas.

All three witnesses mentioned in the document have pled guilty to narcotics violations. They are cooperating in the hopes of receiving a reduced sentence.

Douglas has been charged with one count of possession with the intent to distribute 500 grams or more of crystal meth and one count of possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of "Ice" -- which is the purest form of meth.

The DEA further alleges that Cameron deposited and withdrew tens of thousands of dollars in cash from the drug deals.

According to the indictment, Douglas was set up in New York after agents ran a sting operation-- in which they caught Douglas accepting $15,000 in cash in exchange for a promise to deliver a half pound of crystal meth."

That is one hell of a lot of crystal meth. If they don't treat this smug little a-hole like anyone else in the same situation, I'm gonna be pissed. He needs a bit more than 30 days in a cushy, effing REHAB in Malibu.


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