Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Gratitude to my Sweet Ones

I'd like to thank YOU, my darling readers once again...
We hit an all-time high in readership yesterday, and are well on our way once again, today! I nearly hyper-ventilated when I saw my numbers on the stat tracker last night. I've been on vacation the past two weeks and I've managed to squeeze in a few hours poolside and a couple of dinners out with my wonderful husband, Stephen. Baby, I know I've been buried in my work. Thank you for understanding the passion and drive I have for this blog. You're my angel.

I'd also like to present the new "Dipped in Cream" logo, which was so lovingly drawn by the genius that IS Krysztof Nemeth, whose fabulous website can be viewed here:  Please check out his other drool-worthy girlies. Thank you, Krysztof, from the bottom of my heart.

Again, to my readers. I adore all of you. Please keep reading, commenting and telling everyone you know about "Dipped in Cream".
MMMMuuuaaahhh! xoxo ~j  


Anonymous said...

and many happy returns!
love, your boys

christine said...

I LOVE the D-I-C logo!

Awwwww Julia, we all luv ya and what you do!

Annette said...

LOVE the logo - why do i see stockings under that dress and not spanx *wink* -LOL!!!

DivaJulia said...

Annette: GASP!

You're funny...xoxo j