Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This one's for My Boys--and by "Boys", I mean "Gurrrls".

Lola looks darling!

Oh, Madonna. I would hate to think you're pimping out your darling daughter, Lola. But I truly have the feeling she was dying to dress up all "Like a Virgin"-like. Lord knows my boys wanna dress up like me. (Patrick? Ya hear me talkin' to ya?)


via my homegirl AmyGrindhouse.com:

"There are mixed reports about this clip. According to our BFFs at WeArePopSlags, the above may not be the final promo, strictly speaking. According to their report, fans were disappointed by it and confused as to why a remix of the song had been used. A second video is expected somewhere in the next two weeks. That second promo will reportedly feature Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter, dressed like her mother from the Like a Virgin era.

Celebration will be available to download exclusively through the Apple iTunes store for free for the next 48 hours. Celebration is available for free download until September 3, 2009."

Download that shit up, y'all.

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Stuart said...

I will say, that's a pretty damn good song. I can hear that getting a LOT of play soon enough. Definately better that Justin Timberlake feat. Madonna song that was 4 minutes.