Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Weird Beach Behavior Edition

. "This over-30 TV actress spent the weekend in a popular beach town. While it is unknown if she spent much time in the water, she did spend plenty of time walking up and down the sandy shores in her bikini. She wasn't really walking at a speed that would be considered exercise. She would just stroll approximately 100 feet, stop, stretch in yoga-type pose, and then continue walking. When she hit a certain point on the shoreline, she would turn around and repeat. Very odd. It was as if she desperately wanted to make sure that every person on that specific stretch of beach to know she was there. 
Perhaps she was trying to get the attention of one certain guy on the beach. Yes, her ex was there… with someone else. And he never even looked at her. Or perhaps she wanted someone in the business to notice her and offer her a job?" 
Gee, this is lame. It's pretty much high school behavior. "C'mon. Walk with me down this hall...I KNOW it's out of our way! He'll see me!"
Pam or Nicolette?