Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President Obama's speech to our children about "staying in school" seems to be controversial; why is that?

 Will your children be listening tomorrow?

President Obama is speaking to our children today. The main topic of the speech is education; "Stay in School", seems to be the idea President Obama wants to get across. Yeah. Pretty controversial, huh?

I would like to post the link from whitehouse.gov which has posted the speech in its entirety, for your convenience. 

My children are no longer in school, but I tell ya what: If my boys were in school--no matter what their age, I would love for them to listen to their President speak to them. I can't think of another President who has actually taken an interest of this magnitude in the nation's children and their education...not to mention speaking directly to them as human beings.
For pundits (Glenn-Effing-Beck!) to even suggest this speech smacks of Hitler recruiting children to "join him",  is the craziest thing I've ever heard. 

Conservatives react: Communism, indoctrination, brainwashing, Hitler Youth
Glenn Beck: Obama speech more evidence of the "indoctrination of your children."

On his radio show, Beck discussed Obama's speech with a caller and said, "On Tuesday, the president is going to be speaking to classrooms and your children, if they go to school -- K through sixth grade, I believe. You know, hey, get 'em while they're young." Beck added that he was planning on airing "a special one-hour broadcast next Tuesday on television on the indoctrination of your children," explaining that he decided to air "it on that Tuesday because of Barack Obama speaking [to students] on that Tuesday." Beck continued: "Gang, you have a system that is wildly, wildly out of control, and they are capturing your kids. As [special adviser for green jobs] Van Jones himself has said, the earlier we get the kids, the earlier we make this adjustment with the youth, the easier this transition is going to be. Stand guard America. Your republic is under attack."

What. The. Hell????

Everyone needs to just simmer down. I don't know how a speech by The President of the United States to our children about staying in school, having goals and being good citizens suddenly turned so hateful and hideously racist and polarizing.

Read the speech if you can't or won't listen to it today.


christine said...

Ya know, I didn't understand it from the beginning and I still don't! I'm listening to these parents go on about how their kids won't be going to school that day and I kept thinking "why?". Did I miss something? I don't have kids, but if I did, I would want mine to be front row and center!

I'm not feeling so alone now.

Jerry Bates said...

Very inspirational speech I loved how he aimed for our kids of today to plan for tomorrow, its not giving them political empowerment or guiding them in the wrong direction as the media portrayed but its giving them hope that through all the struggles and storms you may cross you will come out the hero In the end way to go Mr. President.

Bri said...

I think society is so used to have presidents that only care about themselves that when we have one that seems to genuinely care about his country, it just seems... weird (for a lack of a better word). I don't recall a president addressing children in my lifetime about much of anything. This country erally need to look at our education system and undersand how far behind we are. The countries education, IMO, is also attributing to the jobless rate we are facing this very day. Ever wonder why the good jobs are going overseas???