Monday, September 7, 2009

Just Say "As IF", Lindsay.

Lindsay. Come ON. 
I'm beginning to think Lindsay Lohan just may enjoy having her name and picture all up in the media. Whaaaa? No! I've  been too busy loving her, hating her, winking at Samantha Ronson and disapproving her LITTLE sister, Ali to even notice that she just might be a FameHo.
Here she is this weekend in Beverly Hills trying to be ironic. WHAT is written all over her hand? Dealer numbers? Or am I seeing things? 

I just can't believe it...I've been duped. Lindsay had me fooled that she was actually a serious actress with serious dreams of success. You know, a Jodie Foster for the new Generation, if you will.

As if. I'm just yankin' ya.

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