Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Janet Jackson to perform tribute to Michael at VMA's

"Dunk" - MJ's nickname for sister, Janet Jackson;
as in "gadunka dunk" - Big Booty

It sounds as though Miss Jackson will be performing a huge tribute at the MTV VMAs to her brother--perhaps even opening the show. 

TMZ reports that Janet Jackson is working overtime to prepare a spectacular Michael Jackson tribute for this year's VMAs, which take place on Sunday. The tribute piece will reportedly involve 20 backup dancers, trained by world-class choreographers such as Frank Gatson and Travis Payne. According to Kryiss Grant, one of the dancers, rehearsals for the tribute have lasted up to 15 hours a day, and when people see what Janet has in store for them, "there won't be a dry eye in the house."

I think I'm watching it this year...will you?


Shana said...

ooh, i'm excited!!

DivaJulia said...

Hey, Shana!! Welcome to Dipped in Cream!!! It's about time you commented, sister!!

Yes, I think it's gonna be awesome.

xoxo j

Annette said...

Now it's done i had to say her legs were CHUNKY in that costume!

DivaJulia said...

A: She's a stress-eater, I've heard.

Not me...I go completely off my feed if I'm upset. It's as though I don't "deserve" to eat.
(Wow. Sharing much??) Oh well...everyone knows already. HA!

xoxo j