Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nicole Richie is in labor!!!

Any second now!!
Nicole Richie is said to be in labor at an L.A. hospital. I wonder if they are trying for a 9/9/09 baby?? (I guess they don't have much to do with it, unless she has a c-section?)

"Nicole Richie checked into a local Los Angeles hospital over the long Labor Day weekend in anticipation of giving birth to her second child. Richie had apparently wanted to be able to pay her last respects to ex-fiancé Adam Goldstein (aka DJ AM) before heading to the maternity ward.

Richie already has a 20-month-old baby girl named Harlow with boyfriend Joel Madden. The pint-sized fashion designer was due to give birth in early September, so it looks like baby number two is right on time. Madden had previously stated that this second pregnancy was much easier on Nicole than the first. "You've already been through it and it's not as intense and dramatic," Madden said. "We're a little more relaxed. It's actually kind of nice"

The couple refused to find out the sex of the baby until the birth, telling press, "We don't know what the sex is. We waited on the first one and it was such an awesome experience that we can't wait to see what the next one is. It's exciting to wait it out."

That's not what I heard...Nicole was seen buying tons of BABY BLUE items a little while back...hmmmm. I can't wait for the name of this baby--Harlow Winter Kate is so beautiful, you just know this little bundle will have an equally precious name!

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