Thursday, September 10, 2009

Katherine Heigl and Hubby Adopting Baby Girl

Mommy? Bleh.

I know it's kind of the cool thing to hate on Heigl. Just call me "Coolia" because I'm on board with the haterade. There are celebrities who genuinely seem like-able and appear to be good people (read: Paltrow, Sean Penn, Terrence Howard,  Roseanne Barr, Kristen Stewart, Tom Sizemore...Jaaayzus, I'm hella funny!). You get my point. Katherine Heigl just seems to have a terminal case of The Bitchface, so it's only appropriate that she's going to adopt a baaaybeee now.

"A source says they have been going through the adoption process for around 6-months and plan to have everything sorted out by this week. The baby girl's name is Nayleigh and Katherine plans to call her Leigh."

Apparently the baby girl has special needs. I'll say. She's going to be in great need of a soothing, tender mother once she unpacks her own little suitcase and climbs into her crib with a bottle of ashtray water.

I'll take baby Leigh off Snagl's hands. 

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Jilly said...

At the risk of offending...I like Heigl...although that pic is about as heinous as they come!! I loved her in Grey's Anatomy and 27 Dresses. Having said that...I have heard that she is quite the diva on the GA set. (Read: BITCH)