Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whitney Houston Screws Up the New Material

Ohdearlord. Whitney. Whit-NEY. Don't blame a little chattin' with Oprah on that thing we used to call a voice. Oh, girl.

Did anyone else feel like they were watching the MADTV skit, Whitney Houston Screws Up the Classics?

"Me and Bobby's baby"--did she REALLY say that?? I can't tell which is Whitney and which is the genius of Debra Wilson.

I realize I'm gonna get verbally bitch-slapped by mah gurrls.


Anonymous said...

so did bob-ay get her voice in the divorce settlement?
love, the boys

DivaJulia said...

HAA! He did, actually. But sadly, he "done smoked that las' week!!"

xoxo Boys!