Friday, September 4, 2009

The Jackson Family is Not Pleased with TV Coverage from Choppers During Funeral

 Janet, Randy and Jermaine Jackson
at Michael's funeral last night.

Yeah, I'm shocked, too, that the Jackson's didn't appreciate CNN and other news organizations having the nerve to fly over Michael's funeral at Forest Lawn last night. HA! You know why, don't you? Because they plan on selling a dvd and/or show excerpts on their upcoming TV show, forpitysake. It has NOTHING to do with privacy. (I'm excluding Janet from this entire rant, by the way.) 

If Joe and Jermaine had their way, Michael would've been buried at that garish Grace Neverland and everyone knows it--even though Michael never wanted to go back to that place. Thank goodness Mother Katherine and the Jackson women stood up to them.

Seriously, if that family wanted "privacy", they would have buried him right after the coronor returned Michael's brain to his head. They never would have told media outlets when the funeral would be held. 

How stupid do the Jackson men think we are? Because I know exactly how stupid they are. Hmmph.

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