Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That Duggar Woman is Pregnant Again.

Oh, gooood. I don't know why the news of Michelle Duggar getting pregnant again annoys me so much, but it really does ("it was a surprise!"), The very sound of her voice makes me angry.

via HuffPo:

"The Duggar family of TLC fame just announced that they are expecting their 19th child. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar currently have 18 children ranging from 0 to 21 years old and a grandchild on the way, making it pretty clear that their kids intend to follow in their pregnancy footsteps.

The Duggars live in northwest Arkansas and can be seen on TLC's hit "17 Kids and Counting" "18 Kids and Counting" "19 Kids and Counting." Assuming they make it to 20 kids and stop, and assuming each of their kids have the same amount of children (which are both big 'ifs') how long until those with Duggar blood take over America?"

I'm getting more and more creeped out by Michelle and Jim's cult, er, family. The matchy-matchy clothing, vacant stares, goody-goody appearances...

GAAAAAH....the Duggar Compund.



jreed724 said...

wow, when will they stop? I guess she doesn't believe in birth control?

sumyandmontysma said...

JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH!!!! 19 flippin kids.. i one had one and i blew out my vagina!!!! lol!

Childfree Biology said...

They obviously have no regard for the ecological impact that this decision is having.

Anonymous said...

I find myself watching their show a lot. It pulls you in. They are definitely slipping something into that tator tot casserole they are so famous for. my one child can drive me to the brink of insanity so she's using something to deal with 18 of them.


Annette said...

Hahahaha!!! "blew out my vagina" - oh dear that was FUNNY!
She was have a chuff like a wizard's sleeve!